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FP 1728-1

Sweets from the sweet. The greatest from the greatest. Time is tight. Time is short. Let’s explore the loose, the titanic. Let’s focus not on likes but on loves, those you don’t merely admire but feel in your bones, heart and soul. Let’s focus not on those who’ve spent the last few decades hinting at rock and roll, playing at it, conjecturing about it. Let’s luxuriate in those that have got on and done it, lived it, loved it, that give you that thrill without posture and without pastiche, that give you the dangerous yes/no hit of rock n roll at maximal dose, those who magic those conjurations of sound and vision, fire, sweat, brine and blood into our systems without negotiation, because they know we can’t resist. Those who blazingly show how a band can be more than a set of songs, can be a method, a way of life, a reason to be, a style of being. Royal fkn Trux have blessed us and blissed us and blasted us now for 3 decades. Every record different, the spirit unmistakeable throughout, shape, persona, style and sound fused like no-one else. Let’s for a change have a best of the Best - the new Royal Trux collection Quantum Entanglement is less a collection of tracks, more a pipe bomb of flash points, contact highs from the imperial phase of the greatest rock and roll band of the last 30 years.

A1 I'm Ready
A2 Waterpark
A3 Ray O Vac
A4 The Spectre
A5 Platinum Tips
A6 Stevie (For Steven S.)
A7 Sunshine And Grease
B1 Stop
B2 Liar
B3 The Flag
B4 Junkie Nurse
B5 Call Out The Lions
B6 White Stuff
B7 Shockwave Rider