She’s In Parties | End Scene
She’s In Parties | End Scene

She’s In Parties | End Scene

12" EP

Submarine Cat
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On yellow vinyl.

A “coming of age” motif flows freely through She’s In Parties’ debut EP, End Scene. The four piece wanted to construct a record that’s influenced by the idea of a final, reflective monologue scene in a movie, and would fit nicely in an 80’s coming of age film like The Breakfast Club, but with their own generational twist to it. The listener can expect quintessential developmental milestones interwoven throughout the listening experience, with themes centering platonic and romantic relationships, mental health battles, illicit substance experimentation and more.

“We’re coming of age ourselves – apart from Granddaddy Matt,” the members joke, with 3⁄4 of the band having just begun their journey into their 20’s. “It’s something we relate to and, whether we like it or not, reflects itself in our music writing”.

A1. Ritual
A2. Summer Haze
B1. L Word
B2. Velveteen