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CHEM 256

‘Leapling’ is the follow up to the 2014 debut ‘Brocken Spectre’.

The vinyl format comes with a digital download code.

An acoustic compendium of fingerstyle guitar, idiosyncratic strings and woodwind and free-spirited percussion, ‘Leapling’ is a humble yet masterful collection of instrumentals and songs written and produced by Stevie Jones.

Jones, whose balance of the deliberate and the spontaneous has become a signature developed through countless collaborations – including Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat, Alasdair Roberts, Emma Pollock and Arab Strap – the groundbreaking quartet El Hombre Trajeado (alongside guitarist RM Hubbert) and stints composing music and sound design for Scotland’s leading theatre companies.

On ‘Leapling’ the Glasgow native marshals most of the impressive cast with whom he made the debut, including Alex Neilson of Alex Rex and formerly Trembling Bells on drums, artist Vikki Morton (AMOR, Muscles Of Joy, Rev Magnetic), Alasdair Roberts, Aby Vulliamy and Stevie Jackson of Belle and Sebastian. Jones himself contributes acoustic guitar, double bass, chimes, percussion and piano.

A1 Boneless One 4:01
A2 Leapling 4:20
A3 Helio Ramp 5:35
A4 Burn Bridged 3:30
B1 Flame Soaked Seer 2:39
B2 Slice The Spray 4:51
B3 Winged Cadence 1:23
B4 Halo Jones 2:16
B5 Angel Lights 5:10