Talk Talk | The Colour Of Spring

Talk Talk | The Colour Of Spring

LP + DVD Audio

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CX 3506

This reissue set includes:
- a heavyweight 180gm vinyl LP pressing.
- an audio only DVD-Video (NTSC, Region 0) containing the album delivered as a 96kHz/24 bit LPCM stereo mix.

Musically, The Colour of Spring was a major step away from the synthesised pop of early Talk Talk, with a greater focus on guitars, pianos, and organs on such songs as "Life's What You Make It", "Living in Another World" and "Give It Up". It had a sound described by the band as much more organic than their earlier records, with the improvisation that was to dominate on their later works already apparent in the recording process.

Happiness Is Easy
I Don't Believe In You
Life's What You Make It
April 5th
Living In Another World
Give It Up
Chameleon Day
Time It's Time
It's Getting Late In The Evening (DVD only track)