Terry Gross | Soft Opening
Terry Gross | Soft Opening

Terry Gross | Soft Opening


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On pink vinyl.

Terry Gross is an engrossing trio composed of guitarist Phil Manley (Trans Am), bassist Donny Newenhouse and drummer Phil Becker. The trio are also connected as owners and engineers at Bay Area recording spot El Studio, where they began improvising together as a way to test the boundaries and gear of the studio. Their loose, organic chemistry burgeoned into a deep camaraderie and a sound both expansive and exacting.

The three experienced musicians crafted their first full-length album through the pure joy of playing together with no expectations. With the tapes rolling on their rehearsals, the band captures the exuberance of live performance and elevates those recordings through a deft use of the studio as their collective instrument.

On their debut LP, ‘Soft Opening’, Terry Gross channel their cosmic powers and considerable chops into a gleefully mesmerizing odyssey fit for an arena. As Terry Gross, Phil Manley, Donny Newenhouse and Phil Becker are sonic scientists traversing the borderlands of rock. ‘Soft Opening’ captures the simple joy of a no-holds-barred trio in stunning detail, transporting the listener into the splendour and freedom of rock.

Available on translucent pink vinyl, packaged with digital download card.

1. Space Voyage Mission
2. Worm Gear
3. Specificity (Or What Have You)