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As the second decade of the 21st century grinds towards its conclusion, it would be too easy to claim thaton their second album Trust In The LifeForce Of The Deep Mystery, the MercuryMusic Prize-shortlistedfuturist jazz voyagersThe Comet Is Coming are making music for thesecrisis times of chaosand mass meltdown. After all, when hasn’t this beenthe case?No. Instead theirsis a broader musical vision thatpans out to see the bigger pictureand reminds uswe humans are butmolecules collected into matter. In such moments of epiphany hope is to be found.Hope of mining deeper truths.Art is their mediumand the message is in the music.

“There are going to be some massive shifts in our own lifetime as life begins to transcend biology,” explainsdrummer Betamax. “Global warming, A.I.,trips to Mars, brain-computer fusion. We are becoming cyborgs, so let’s at least find some essential truths and inner peace so we can make wise decisions.”

The Comet Is Coming are here to apply a salve to the wounds of the world and offer succour to the spiritually deprived.To do so they have delved deepinto their collective subconsciousduring months of studio experimentation tobring back these souvenirsof astraland auditorytravel. “If we place art as the honest unfolding of the imagination,” elaborates keyboardist Danalogue, “and the imagination as being analogous tothe source of all universal creativity, in creating this album we are presenting our truths, as individuals and as a collective, that contain symbols and narratives of their own.”

The Comet Is Coming are: Danalogue (keyboards/electronics), Betamax (drums) and King Shabaka (saxophone).

A1 Because The End Is Really The Beginning 4:49
A2 Birth Of Creation 5:04
A3 Summon The Fire 3:55
A4 Blood Of The Past 8:15
B1 Super Zodiac 4:02
B2 Astral Flying 4:38
B3 Timewave Zero 4:46
B4 Unity 3:55
B5 The Universe Wakes Up 4:41