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The Fat White Family | Champagne Holocaust


Trashmouth Records
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Special Edition Transparent Piss Yellow Vinyl

Champagne Holocaust, originally released in the summer of 2013 is being re-released by Trashmouth Records 7 years on and now pressed on Limited Edition Coloured LP (piss yellow) for the first time.

Fat White Family are sick. I don’t mean this like, they’re well sick la, like some scouse teenager would have said eight years ago. I mean, they’re seriously not well… they’re also slightly brilliant The Quietus

Brilliant macabre lullaby, sung over a shonky casio metronome, full of nasty asides about druggy co dependence, Single Of The Week, Drowned In Sound

We’ve made no secret of our deep love for the gap toothed hoodlums of Fat White Family, SupaJam

Fat White Family, a band who’ve crawled out from the crevices of Peckham and Brixton to find gourmet burger bars, designer prams and soulless gastropubs taking over the town. Faced with the yuppie invasion their sole purpose is to cause havoc and deliver something real… Despite the inevitable incidents of chaos, blood, nudity and weirdness that seem to have plagued/fueled this first year of their mission, they are still the band that everyone in London wants to see.

Auto Neutron
Is It Raining In Your Mouth?
Who Shot Lee Oswald?
With Out Consent
Special Ape!
Cream Of The Young
Wild American Prairie
Heaven On Earth
Bomb Disneyland
Garden Of The Numb