The Mountain Goats | Tallahassee

The Mountain Goats | Tallahassee


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Release date Friday 4th September 2020.

The 4AD debut from The Mountain Goats, unavailable for many years, now reissued on vinyl.

It was the band’s second new album to be released in 2002 and it marked quite a few
changes. First of all, after releasing records (and cassettes) on small record labels such as Shrimper, Ajax and Emperor Jones, ‘Tallahassee’ was the first Mountain Goats album to be released on 4AD.

It was also the first Mountain Goats album to have an official single released, for the song ‘See America Right’.

1. Tallahassee
2. First Few Desperate Hours
3. Southwood Plantation Road
4. Game Shows Touch Our Lives
5. The House That Dripped Blood
6. Idylls Of The King
7. No Children
8. See America Right
9. Peacocks
10. International Small Arms Traffic Blues
11. Have To Explode
12. Old College Try
13. Oceanographer’s Choice
14. Alpha Rats Nest