The New Age Steppers | Avant Gardening

The New Age Steppers | Avant Gardening


On-U Sound
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From the Dubwise Vinyl review on Test Pressing:

As with the previous ON-U Sound reissue campaigns for African Head Charge and Dub Syndicate there is also an additional new LP ‘Avant Gardening’ that collects together previously unreleased versions and rarities from the On-U Sound archives. Given Sherwood’s expertise at the mixing desk it probably comes as no surprise to hear that this is packed full of hidden gems that makes it as essential as the reissued studio albums, possibly even more so if (like me) you have an interest in all things dubwise.

Particular highlights include the deeply funky ‘Izalize’ which uses the rhythm from African Head Charge’s ‘Snakeskin Tracksuit’ to head into dubby punk-funk territory explored by bands like ESG. There’s also a very welcome deejay version of ‘Love Forever’ featuring Jah Woosh in the form of ‘Singing Love’ and a great deep melodic dub of ‘My Whole World’ as ‘Wide World Version.’ This dubwise experimentalism places the collection closest to their debut album in terms of content which it even surpasses at points in terms of its radical approach. Tracks such as ‘I Scream (Rimshot)’ which manipulate Ari’s vocals beyond recognition and the sampledelic experimental dub of ‘May I Version’ are classic examples of On-U Sound at its most cutting edge and revolutionary.

This all goes towards making ‘Avant Gardening’ an essential new addition to the On-U Sound catalogue and a fitting addendum to the New Age Steppers story.

Side A
A1. Aggro Dub Version
A2. Send For Me
A3. Izalize
A4. Unclear
Side B
B1. Singing Love
B2. I Scream (Rimshot)
B3. Avante Gardening
B4. Wide World Version
B5. Some Dub