The New Age Steppers | Love Forever

The New Age Steppers | Love Forever


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From the Dubwise Vinyl review on Test Pressing:

Their final studio album ‘Love Forever’ was released after the sad loss of Ari to cancer in 2010 and was initially a CD only release from 2012, so this is its first time on vinyl. It represents another intriguing chapter in the New Age Steppers musical journey, transporting their influences into a more contemporary musical context with Sherwood’s daughter Denise taking up vocal duties alongside Ari.

The Jamaican influences are still very much felt throughout the record but this time it’s dancehall and digital production rather than roots reggae that’s the driving force. This is felt particularly on tracks such as opener ‘Conquer’ and the firebrand ‘Musical Terrorist’ which places dancehall influences within a more global electronic music framework with pleasingly poppy and accessible results in a similar realm to the output of artists like MIA.

The punk influences are also still very much present on the take-no-prisoners ‘My Nerves’ which is possibly the most punk of any of their productions with Ari channelling her frustrations into a proper riot grrrl anthem. The energy levels also remain high on ‘Wounded Animal’ where the musical focus takes a shift towards full on dance floor ready electro. In contrast there are also some more reflective moments which continue to take inspiration from the roots and dub tradition such as the deep mystical ‘Revelation’ and the stirring instrumental ‘Death Of The Trees’ which brings the album to a close.

It’s another fascinating collection of songs that shows how the band’s core musical influences of reggae and post-punk can still work within a more contemporary musical context and continue to create compelling fresh new sounds.

1. Conquer
2. My Nerves
3. Love Me Nights
4. The Scheisse Song
5. Musical Terrorist
6. The Fury Of Ari
1. Wounded Animal
2. The Worst Of Me
3. Revelation
4. The Last Times
5. Death Of Trees