The Upsetters | Super Ape

The Upsetters | Super Ape


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Essential 1976 dub album from the genius that is Lee Scratch Perry. Produced at the height of his powers in the Black Ark with The Upsetters. Classic rhythm after classic rhythm given Scratch's unique psychedelic dub treatment.

Here's what the label says:

Few artists enjoy a legacy that involves a re-engineering of the very genre in which they work. Lee Scratch Perry is such an artist. As a pioneer of dub reggae Perry viewed the mixing console as musical instrument in its own right. The influence of his revolutionary approach has been felt world-wide and into genres far beyond reggae. His 1976 effort, Super Ape, is considered a masterpiece of this or any genre. Working with The Upstetters at his Black Ark studio Perry created a sound with such a lasting appeal that The Rough Guide includes Super Ape as one of their 100 Essential Reggae releases.

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