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Paradise Of Bachelors
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RIYL Steve Gunn, Hiss Golden Messenger, Ryley Walker, Itasca, Bill Callahan, Kurt Vile, Angel Olsen.

Timeless … Measured, perceptive storytelling. A singer with an unmistakable and communicative voice, able to convey hope and hurt with equal clarity. Pitchfork

She writes literate songs with unusual precision and sings them in an understated, open-hearted way that lends good poetry the directness of conversation. Uncut

On her fourth (and tellingly self titled) album as The Weather Station, Tamara Lindeman reinvents, and more deeply roots, her extraordinary, acclaimed songcraft, framing her precisely detailed, exquisitely wrought prose poem narratives in bolder and more cinematic musical settings. The result is her most sonically direct and emotionally candid statement to date. The most fully realized statement to date from Toronto songwriter Tamara Lindeman. Self titled and self produced, the album unearths a vital new energy from Lindeman’s acclaimed songwriting practice, marrying it to a bold new sense of confidence. I wanted to make a rock and roll record, Lindeman explains, but one that sounded how I wanted it to sound, which of course is nothing like rock and roll. The result is a spirited, frequently topical tour de force that declares its understated feminist politics, and its ambitious new sonic directions, from its first moments.

1. Free
2. Thirty
3. You and I (on the Other Side of the World)
4. Kept It All to Myself
5. Impossible
6. Power
7. Complicit
8. Black Flies
9. I Don’t Know What to Say
10. In an Hour
11. The Most Dangerous Thing About You