Träd, Gräs och Stenar | Mors Mors
Träd, Gräs och Stenar | Mors Mors
Träd, Gräs och Stenar | Mors Mors

Träd, Gräs och Stenar | Mors Mors


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Mors Mors LP is the first ever vinyl reissue of the 1973 Tall Records Träd, Gräs och Stenar LP, expanded into a 2xLP set to house magical bonus material. These live recordings capture the band at its most open and transcendental peak, 1972.

This offering features a staggering 26+-minute bonus track previously only available on CD, plus an entirely unreleased track. Includes an extended version of one of the original album tracks. Scores of previously unseen ephemera adorn the lavish inside gatefold and inner sleeves. \n \nMors Mors LP includes download code with added unreleased material.

It’s really pretty simple: Träd, Gräs och Stenar was – is, shall remain – the best band in the world. You can get with it and get on this train, or forever live in ignorance, up to you. They were from Sweden, they were pioneers of DIY culture, they jammed with force and purpose for 40 minutes back when “legendary” SF groups or German kraut rock bands were still struggling to get out of the upper single digits with dignity; they traveled with organic food they grew themselves, and cooked for everyone they played to; they made their own instruments, amplifiers and PAs before there was such a thing as a PA; they released records themselves, y’know back when the Dead were still on a major label. Etc, as it were. Had this band been from the USA rather than some provincial northern European nation… never mind, it’s too depressing to finish this sentence.

There was the occasional complex ingredient like a (home-brewed, natch) tremolo or fuzz pedal, but the way this band worked was incredibly simple: they’d show up, set up on some floor, or field, start up the generators, instruments, then begin to collectively tune themselves into the sphere we now know as TRANSCENDENTAL PSYCHEDELIC ROCK MUSIC. After that first meditative or explosive – or both – lengthy jam, they’d again take off, starting from a cover of Mighty Quinn or perhaps Last Time, or one of their own compositions, often influenced by ancient Swedish folk songs, and leave the melody behind after a few verses and travel to places lazy music journalists today call ‘beyond time and place’. It was a little like Ornette Coleman’s or The Velvet Underground’s live formula: you know the beginning and the end, but what exists between those two points is what makes life worth living: the magical improvised unknown."

A1 Sångbron 2:40
A2 Hälsa Ulla 8:06
A3 Chrisboogie 12:02
B1 Last Time 8:59
B2 Dansa Mera Moder Jord (Extended Version) 13:40
C1 Klangbron 4:19
C2 Rocktrall 2:54
C3 Sommarlåten (Part 1) 14:46
D1 Sommarlåten (Part 2) 12:36
D2 Sanningens Silverflod 9:02