Vapour Theories | Celestial Scuzz
Vapour Theories | Celestial Scuzz

Vapour Theories | Celestial Scuzz


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On gold vinyl.

New album from brothers John and Michael Gibbons, the guitarists from psychedelic drone legends, Bardo Pond. A “heavy ambient” instrumental masterpiece that explores the symbiotic relationship of the duo as they build and dismantle sounds on a unique ethereal trip.

A full-length follow up to ‘Joint Chiefs’ from 2006, ‘Celestial Scuzz’ is a monumental sound piece created from hours of jam sessions and crafted into a cohesive mind-blowing trip. The result has a heavy ambience, like Eno locked in a dark room with Sunn-O))))) rehearsing next door.

While Bardo Pond’s trajectory takes them deep into rock music’s ever-imploding sound, the brothers Gibbons surf a more ethereal and eclectic plain; from a heady and consuming space, a “sanctuary; balm for the soul.” Describing the writing process, Michael Gibbons explains it as “a kind of spiritual experience. Most of the time it leaves us stunned; the more stunned we are the better the jam.”

Bardo Pond: “One of underground rock’s most extraordinary enigmas.”
The Quietus

“An exquisite and enjoyable side trip into harmonious interstellar regions with stripped down instrumentation, they drift into shimmering passages of temporal displacement.” Brainwashed

Side A
1. Unoccupied Blues
2. High Treason
Side B
1. Breaking Down (The Portals of Hell)
2. The Big Ship
3. Soul Encounters