Various Artists | End of the Road Presents: Between the Music Vol. 1

Various Artists | End of the Road Presents: Between the Music Vol. 1


End of the Road
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On white vinyl.

Each year, in the weeks that follow End of the Road, the festival’s founder, Simon Taffe, receives a flurry of emails. There are notes of thanks, of course, and the tying up of festival business, but in amongst them he will find numerous messages asking urgent questions such as: “What was that song playing two songs before Mac DeMarco came on?” It was in answer to these persistent queries that End of the Road decided to launch the first of what will be an ongoing compilation series: Between the Music.

“A compilation based on all the tracks that I play in between bands on all the different stages. It’s not really necessarily bands that play End of the Road, it’s more like my whole record collection.”

Taffe has distinct memories of going to festivals that hadn’t given much thought to the music playing between performers; the repetition of it, the sudden jolt of it. When End of the Road first began, he was determined that his festival would not make the same oversight.

Before the first ever End Of The Road, Simon sat up all night with a friend, burning songs to CDs, considering every stage and every track in detail. He has continued this approach ever since, always finishing his playlists at the eleventh hour, always spurred on by the thought of what song will you have as the first song opening the main stage.

“I still get really excited to make a compilation, even though it’s a lot bloody harder these days because everyone’s heard everything on Spotify,” he says. “But I love sharing music with people and love introducing them to songs.”

To listen to Between the Music is something akin to spending a short while in Taffe’s company, or perhaps a long weekend at his festival. There is the sheer exuberant love for music, the sense of discovery, the delight in the unexpected rhythmic turn. Above anything, there is the feeling that Between the Music is a compilation series that could just play on forever.

A1. Lifes to Short - The Lafayette
A2. Drip Drop - Dion
A3. Observeatory Crest - Beefheart
A4. Fallin Rain - Link Wray
A5. I got a Name - Jim Croce
A6. Hey I know You – Monzos
A7. Anchin Kifu Ayinkash - Hailu Megia Dahlak Band
A8. Im so Depressed - Abner Jay
B1. Have you been Good to Yourself - Johnie Frieson
B2. Khala My Freind - Amanaz
B3. Looking For A Home - Al Kooper and Shuggie Ottis
B4. She Turns My Radio On - Jim Ford
B5. Any Other Way - Jackie Shane
B6. Any Day Now - Chuck Jackson
C1. Cripple Creek - Alexandra Skip Spence
C2. Sweet Memories - Micky Newbury
C3. Blue Vein - Lael Neale
C4. Mothers Last words to her son -Washington Phillips
C5. I stole the right to live - Michael Hurley
C6. Cold Bitter Tears - Ted Hawkins
C7. Child of God - Josphine Foster
D1. Lucky Strikes and Liquid Gold - Jeff Cowell
D2. Clay Pigeons - Blaze Foley
D3. You Got Me - Crow Johnson
D4. Glücklich. Traurig. Seltsam - Die Wellttaumforscher
D5. Jesus Give Me Water - The Soul Stirrers
D6. Lazy Bones - Paul Robeson
D7. Please Stay - The Cryin Shames