Various Artists | Nice Swan Introduces Vol.1

Various Artists | Nice Swan Introduces Vol.1


Nice Swan
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Nice Swan Records announce the release of compilation LP ‘Nice Swan Introduces Vol.1’.

Introducing a wave of new and exciting talent including the likes of Jelly Cleaver, Courting, Sprints, Hallan, Malady, Mandrake Handshake and Anorak Patch.

The upcoming compilation solidifies Nice Swan’s growing status as one of the UK’s most reputable indie labels, with further signings and releases set to be announced in the coming weeks.

Launched in 2016 by North West duo Pete Heywoode and Alex Edwards, Nice Swan’s initial aim to become a platform for discovering and nurturing new talent soon attracted widespread recognition, with the subsequent success of signees such as Sports Team, Pip Blom, FUR and Hotel Lux building momentum at an impressive rate.

Instilled with a passion to push emerging artists on a monthly basis, ‘Vol.1’ marks the next stage of the cult indie label’s development. With several acts already becoming mainstays on the BBC Radio 1 / 6 Music airwaves and gaining extensive tastemaker approval, the compilation could not be arriving at a better time.

1. Jelly Cleaver – Feeling Fine
2. Courting – David Byrnes Badside
3. Sprints – The Cheek
4. Hallan – Modern England
5. Malady – London, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down
6. Mandrake Handshake – Gonkulator
7. Anorak Patch – Irate
8. Jaws The Shark – Demon Dream
9. Opus Kink – Wild Bill
10. English Teacher – R&B