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Various Artists | The Ladies of Too Slow to Disco Vol. 2 [LRS2020]


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Available from 9am on Saturday 20th June.

On green vinyl.

In 2015 we released "The Ladies Of TSTD“, highlighting a bunch of strong, independent female Westcoast songwriters/singers, who fought hard against the male dominance in all areas of the music making and business. 5 years later, #metoo has happened and we dive even deeper into the story of female musicians organizing themselves. Dj Supermarkt has another full album of all female new discoveries and musical treasures. The album features 2 artists (Holly Near and Linda Tillery), who were active and central in the „Womens Music“ movement. It was about music by women, for women, and about women. It was part of the feminist movement, the participants were often lesbians, who for the first time openly wrote songs about their point of view. Besides we have uncountable Grammys (and nominations), five African American artists and so much more to discover. Some of these songs again are (were) very sought after tracks, lost in the big world of major label archives, rereleased for the first time since the original track, like the 7 Inch only Boogie-classic „I Love To Boogie“ by UK superstar Lulu. You will find the hands, minds of these Ladies in the background of countless albums by the biggest stars in music history. Enjoy The Ride. This is Bottled Sunshine!

A1. Terea – Pretty Bird
A2. Marti Caine - Love The Way You Love Me
A3. Diane Tell – Mon Ami-E
A4. Lulu – I Love To Boogie
B1. Karla Bonoff – Isn’T It Always Love
B2. Franne Golde - Here I Go Fallin' In Love Again
B3. Martee Lebous – For David
B4. Lonette Mckee - The Way I Want To Touch You
C1. Kristle Murden – I Can’T Let Go
C2. Janis Siegel – Lovin’ Eyes
C3. Linda Tillery – Womanly Way
C4. Ullanda Mccullough – I’Ll Just Die
D1. Nicolette Larson – Baby, Don’T You Do It
D2. Valerie Carter – The Story Of Love
D3. Elkie Brooks – The Rising Cost Of Love
D4. Holly Near – Back Off