Various Artists | Tokyo Flashback

Various Artists | Tokyo Flashback


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- First ever vinyl edition of the legendary 1991 compilation that defined the Tokyo psychedelic movement and first brought it to the outside world.

- Newly created artwork and design expanding on the original by Rob Carmichael at SEEN Sudio.

- Housed in custom printed deluxe Stoughton gatefold jacket and slipcase, including full color printed inner sleaves and inserts with soft touch and spot UV gloss finishes.

- Remastered and cut by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Sound and pressed to high quality vinyl at RTI.

Black Editions is proud to present one of the most iconic compilations in the history of underground music: “Tokyo Flashback”. Originally released in 1991 by Japan’s P.S.F. Records, Tokyo Flashback defined the breathtakingly unique and previously obscured musical movement that had been developing in Japan since the late 1970’s. The compilation features some of the earliest released recordings by Keiji Haino, High-Rise, Masaki Batoh’s Ghost, White Heaven, Fushitsusha, Kousokuya and Marble Sheep. It captures the excitement and energy of a Tokyo awash in Technicolor and deep blacks; the music echoing Kraut-Rock, Psychedelic freak-outs, Garage and No Wave. At the same time it reveals astonishing, totally idiosyncratic expansions of rock music. In time, Tokyo Flashback expanded to a synonymous nine volume series that over the next two decades unveiled Japan’s ever-evolving soundscapes to the rest of the world.

Tokyo Flashback is a defining statement of late 20th Century Japanese psychedelic music and an essential primer to the world of P.S.F. All tracks are exclusive, this edition features the first time translation of the original liner notes. Black Editions’ deluxe edition is entirely re-mastered and marks the first release of Tokyo Flashback outside of Japan and it’s first ever vinyl issue.

re-released October 20, 2017

1. Marble Sheep "22. February 1991" 08:21
2. High-Rise "Mainliner" 10:24
3. Ghost "Tama Yura" 10:13
4. White Heaven "Blind Promise (Alternate Take)" 04:53
5. Fushitsusha "Here-You" 10:17
6. Verzerk "Crime and Laughter" 07:12
7. Kousokuya "End of Dawn" 07:38
8. Keiji Haino "Right Now" 08:37