Various Artists | Wake Up You Vol 1: The Rise & Fall Of Nigerian Rock Music (1972-1977)

Various Artists | Wake Up You Vol 1: The Rise & Fall Of Nigerian Rock Music (1972-1977)


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The Western world was in the throes of peace, love and flower power as Nigeria descended into Civil War in 1967. The rock scene that developed during the following three years of bloodshed and destruction would come to heal the country, propagate the world-wide ideal of the Modern Nigerian, and propel Fela to stardom after conflict ended in 1970. Wake Up You! tells the story of this time, pays homage to these now-forgotten musicians and their struggle, and brings to light the funk and psychedelic fury they created as they wrested free of the ravages of the late 1960s and created thrilling, original Nigerian rock music throughout the 1970s. It features Formulars Dance Band, The Hygrades, War-Head Constriction, Ify Jerry Krusade, Ofo the Black Company, The Magnificent Zenians, The Apostles and more.

1. Never Never Let Me Down – Formulars Dance Band (3:58)
2. Keep On Moving – The Hygrades (4:04)
3. Everybody Likes Something Good – Ify Jerry Krusade (3:21)
4. In The Jungle (Instrumental) – The Hygrades (3:20)
5. Onye Ije – The Strangers (2:53)

1. Stone The Flower – The Hykkers (2:58)
2. Baby I Need You – The Funkees (3:380
3. Mother – Waves (4:14)
4. Beautiful Daddy – Ofo the Black Company (3:46)
5. Graceful Bird – War-Head Constriction (3:48)

1. Ije Udo – The Magnificent Zenians (3:51)
2 . Never Too Late – The Apostles (6:10)
3. Groove the Funk – Aktion (4:54)
4. Ballad of a Sad Young Woman – Wrinkar Experience (4:52)

1. I Can’t Be Satisfied – The Founders 15 (3:12)
2. Float – Tirogo (5:25)
3. Scram Out – Question Mark (3:48)
4. Tell Me – P.R.O. (8:13)