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Wall Matthews | Spine River (The Guitar Music of Wall Matthews 1967-1981)


Tompkins Square
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Guitarist Wall Matthews is surviving member of experimental 70’s collective, Entourage. Sampled by Four Tet, their name whispered in reverence through the decades, Entourage forged bold musical ideas on their two rare ’70s Folkways LPs. Tompkins Square released Ceremony of Dreams : Studio Sessions and Outtakes, 1972-1977, in 2018 to wide acclaim. ‘Spine River : The Guitar Music of Wall Matthews, 1967-1981′ is a collection of unreleased or obscure music by the master guitarist. This volume will be released as a limited edition LP, along with four other digital volumes of Wall’s music, mapping his entire career, all out April 10th.

Praise for Entourage :

“A three-hour stream of instrumental riches, whether you’re looking to find samples or get lost in a trance….These 30 tracks alternately conjure the ecstatic minimalism of John Cale and La Monte Young, the billowing clouds of Arvo Part, the aleatory intrigue of Derek Bailey, and the strange guitar beauty of Sandy Bull” – Pitchfork

“As seriously as they clearly took their playing, the music never lost its sense of playfulness and joy” – PASTE (8.7/10)

“This is essential and irresistible vintage American weirdness.” – All Music Guide (4.5)

“…it’s transporting stuff.” – Rolling Stone

“Erring between Alice Coltrane-esque spiritual jazz, Steve Reich’s minimalism and stunning instrumental folk, Ceremony of Dreams highlights 30 tracks from a fiercely creative period between 1972 and 1977 that did not appear on the two Folkways albums released at the time.” – Vinyl Factory

“New age gongs, drones, sax, pastoral guitar, scraped violas … Think Third Ear Band’s druid rock meets early Popol Vuh with the obvious chops of a less slick Weather Report”
- Record Collector (4 stars)

1. Walk in a Country Rain 02:09
2. Snowfall 03:28
3. Kotokes 01:20
4. Roping 1 02:59
5. Roping 2 (duet version) 02:46
6. E Minor Suite (Waltz) 04:00
7. E Minor Suite (Allegro) 01:38
8. E Minor Suite (March) 02:05
9. The Doves of Venus (Prelude) 02:40
10. The Doves of Venus (Allegro 1) 00:56
11. The Doves of Venus (Waltz) 01:34
12. The Doves of Venus (Allegro 2) 00:56
13. Wendy's Place 02:24
14. Spine River 02:35
15. Restless 04:24
16. The Dance in Your Eye 05:14