White Denim | Crystal Bullets b/w King Tears
White Denim | Crystal Bullets b/w King Tears

White Denim | Crystal Bullets b/w King Tears


English Mallard
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As if the return of White Denim wasn't enough to get you hot under the collar, “The last great Rock’n’Roll band” (The Guardian) deliver not just two new cuts, but an entire untitled LP. This is it.

Denim – Crystal Bullets b/w King Tears. Released via English Mallard. Available on Ltd Edition Orange and Black Split Colour Vinyl

Having released 10 albums since their debut in 2008, it’s hard to believe that ‘Crystal Bullets b/w King Tears’ is the first ever 12” single from “The last great Rock’n’Roll band” (The Guardian).

Containing White Denim’s first new music since the lockdown 30-day-album project ‘World As A Waiting Room’.

‘Crystal Bullets’ was inspired by the groove of the great Bernard Purdie and the signature chopped and screwed production techniques of Houston, Texas’ late great DJ Screw. The final minute features the most sublime harmonised sax solo you’ll ever hear, leaving you wishing this was more than just a 2 track 12”…

White Denim have long pulled hard at the parameters of rock & roll, admitting garage punk, soul, psychedelic boogie, prog, jazz and country blues while holding onto its vital goodtime core, and their up-tempo drive has produced a body of work defined as much by stellar musicianship as off-the-chain exhilaration. Energy and adventurism have always been paramount.

A1. Bonus Track
A2. Crystal Bullets
A3. King Tears
A4. Bonus Track
B1. Bonus Track
B2. Bonus Track
B3. Bonus Track
B4. Bonus Track
B5. Bonus Track